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Donate to our new Shane Warne Memorial Fund

In honour of Shane’s memory, and his support to our charity, we are proud to announce The Wellbeing of Women Shane Warne Memorial Fund.

Wellbeing of Women teams up with The Split's Olivia Broadfield for new campaign

All profits from the sale of the "someone sees the good in you" T-shirt will go towards our work

Everything you need to know about cervical screening

Wellbeing of Women Ambassador Dr Nighat Arif answers your questions about cervical screening

Women in work need greater menopause rights, say group of MPs

A new report makes recommendations to improve menopause support in the workplace, after it found that many women are quitting their jobs

Launch of first Women's Health Strategy in England

Janet Lindsay comments on the publication of a new strategy aimed at improving the health of women

Nina Kuypers on why she ran an ultramarathon for Wellbeing of Women

Founder of Black Women in Menopause Nina Kuypers tells us why the representation of black women in menopause narratives is so important and how she coped with cramps, blisters and a twisted ankle during her ultramarathon

Over 1,000 employers sign the Menopause Workplace Pledge

June has been a busy month, with the Civil Service, House of Commons and NHS England committing to providing support

WoW Chair appointed Women’s Health Ambassador for England

Government appoints Professor Dame Lesley Regan as England’s first Women’s Health Ambassador

NHS England latest employer to back Menopause Workplace Pledge

The NHS employs 1.3 million people and more than 75% of them are women

Commons Speaker breaks menopause taboo

Sir Lindsay Hoyle signs The Menopause Workplace Pledge on behalf of The House of Commons

Civil Service signs the Menopause Workplace Pledge

A special event brought together senior ministers and civil servants to sign the pledge

Supporters raise £4,000 in our Miles for May challenge

Fundraisers walked 1,400 miles throughout the month of May

WoW Research Advisory Committee vacant roles

We are looking for leading experts to join our research committee

New partnership with Scottish Government on endometriosis research

A grant of up to £250,000 is open to applications from researchers based in Scotland

Two new Ambassadors for Wellbeing of Women

Editor-in-Chief Rosie Nixon and GP Dr Nighat Arif attended their first event as Ambassadors for the charity this week

Tulip’s miscarriage story: ‘Something so prevalent and painful is discussed so little’

BBC journalist Tulip Mazumdar has been researching pregnancy loss and maternal health for more than a year, after experiencing four miscarriages herself

A GP blood test that could help diagnose ovarian cancer faster and more accurately

A new study funded by Wellbeing of Women could help identify ovarian cancer more accurately and save other women from unnecessary and often invasive tests and procedures

Over half a million women waiting for gynaecology care and treatment

A new report from The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists reveals the devastating impact of long waits for gynaecology care for 570,000 women in the UK

Over 600 employers sign The Menopause Workplace Pledge

Organisations are leading the way and offering menopause support to collleagues

Carol Vorderman supports the Menopause Workplace Pledge

TV star opens up about her menopause experience seven years ago, as she backs the campaign

Natasha’s story: ‘I want to take the taboo out of discussing women’s health’

In 2020, Natasha Still started The Walking Women to process difficulties she was facing with her gynaecological health and to increase awareness while raising money for Wellbeing of Women. Here she discusses her next challenge for 2022 – Miles for May!

New partnership with Artios Pharma on ovarian cancer treatment resistance

Researchers hope the PARP Inhibitor Resistance Study (PAIRS) will help doctors treat and support ovarian cancer patients more effectively

Suzanne’s story: ‘I wouldn’t want my daughter to go through this’

After several years of traumatic periods and countless tests, Suzanne finally received a diagnosis of endometriosis.

Big Give Women and Girls Fundraising Appeal

Double your donation to help us fund more education and information to tackle the stigma surrounding period problems

Kat’s adenomyosis story: ‘I had periods that pushed me to the brink of insanity’

After two decades of heavy, painful periods, and countless stays in hospital, Kat Francois finally received a diagnosis of adenomyosis.

Maureen’s story: ‘We need a person-centred approach to dealing with PCOS’

Maureen, who lives in Northern Ireland, discovered she had PCOS after reading about the symptoms in a medical book and finally received a diagnosis at the age of 29.

‘The Covid-19 vaccine gave me more than physical protection – it gave me mental strength’

In the second trimester of her pregnancy, Samira chose to get vaccinated against Covid. Here she explains why she had the vaccine and offers reassurance for other mums

WoW study confirms the impact of severe Covid-19 infection on mothers and babies

There needs to be a greater focus on engaging with pregnant women to boost vaccination rates, say leading experts

Myth-busting: truths about PCOS

Although polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common health condition, affecting about 8% of women, there are still plenty of myths floating about when it comes to symptoms, such as infertility, weight and excessive hair growth

What you need to know about fibroids and adenomyosis

Ahead of our ‘Let’s Talk Periods’ webinar, Dr Varsha Jain gives us the lowdown on two common, yet often not talked about, women’s health conditions that can cause painful and heavy periods – and what you can do to help manage symptoms

“Unique” opportunity to shape the future of women’s health

Professor Dame Lesley Regan responds to the Women's Health Vision published by the Government today

Liza’s story: "Our babies were born prematurely - they are our little miracles"

This Christmas, Liza Grayson, from Liverpool, and her partner, Thomas, are celebrating the joy of family, after both of their children were born prematurely

Big Give Christmas Challenge 2021

Double your donation in the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2021 and help us to fund research into preterm birth

Wellbeing of Women holds sparkling lunch with Dame Joan Collins

We were delighted to hold a sparkling lunch celebrating the release of Dame Joan Collins’ latest memoir My Unapologetic Diaries

Wellbeing of Women City Christmas Fair 2021 returns to Drapers’ Hall

Join us for a truly brilliant Christmas shopping experience that has taken place every winter for over 20 years.

Top politicians and business leaders support Menopause Workplace Pledge

Top politicians and business leaders have come together to call for more awareness and positive action on addressing menopause in the workplace.

Professor Dame Lesley Regan wins Inspiration of the Year at HELLO! awards

Wellbeing of Women chair wins award to mark her life-long commitment to women's health

‘Menopause Workplace Pledge' campaign launches

Our Royal Patron, The Countess of Wessex, joined a roundtable discussion to back our campaign and highlight the “tragic” impact that the menopause can have on women and the need for support in the workplace

Wellbeing of Women researcher Dr Garth Funston wins award for ovarian cancer work

Annual Celebrity Cricket Match 2021: Saving the lives of women, girls and babies

The Match, which has raised over £8 million for women's health research since 1988, will be held in Oxfordshire this June

Women’s health: Why 'good enough' isn’t good enough

Improvements in women’s health will provide tangible benefits for everyone in society. It is time to prioritise, not marginalise, women’s health issues at global, national and local levels, says Wellbeing of Women researcher Dr Jacqueline Maybin

From a whisper to a roar: Tackling Taboos in Women’s Health

Wellbeing of Women Launch Five-Year Strategy at an all-star panel event

Her Royal Highness The Countess of Wessex becomes Royal Patron

The Countess of Wessex discusses the taboos and stigma surrounding women’s health issues in conversation celebrating appointment

Maisie Hill: ‘Perimenopause can be a positive experience’

Before speaking at Wellbeing of Women’s perimenopause webinar, author and women’s health expert Maisie Hill tells us what inspired her to write about perimenopause and what to expect at the event

Rachael’s endometriosis story: 'My diagnosis raised all these questions that no one can seem to answer.'

From finishing her studies to catching a train, endometriosis has made every aspect of 28-year-old Rachael’s life a challenge

#ThisIsAMother: Join our Mother's Day campaign

We invite you to pay tribute to mothers everywhere by sharing a vision of motherhood

‘We have a 'why not' attitude as opposed to a 'why' attitude’

In 2022, University of Glasgow students Nia and Miriam will be attempting two world records as they row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to raise money for Wellbeing of Women. Here they explain what possessed them to embark on the challenge

'Even if you walk a really short distance, it’s good for your mental health'

Evie Cogley, the president of the Hula Hooping Society at Nottingham Trent University, tells us why she and the society chose to walk 100,000 kilometres to raise money for Wellbeing of Women research this year

Understanding miscarriage and baby loss webinar: Where to find more information

Ahead of our online discussion, where can you find more support?

Jennifer Saunders to support Wellbeing of Women in BBC Radio 4 Appeal

The comedian will urge listeners to donate towards our life-saving health research

Experts weigh in on social egg freezing at our virtual event

At Wellbeing of Women's latest webinar on 10th November, experts spoke about social egg freezing, discussing everything from the science behind it to the ethics surrounding it

What is egg freezing, and why is it controversial?

A panel of experts will discuss egg freezing at Wellbeing of Women’s next webinar on Tuesday 10th November, but what is there to debate?

Woona’s fertility story: ‘You can't help but wonder what could have been’

Woona was 31 when she found out she had a painful health condition that could medically prevent her from conceiving naturally. Five rounds of IVF, one abdominal myomectomy and six laparoscopies later, she is determined to stay positive

Aoife's story: 'I went through menopause aged 28'

After being diagnosed with cervical cancer aged 27, Aoife's treatment – which included radiotherapy and a radical hysterectomy – meant that she went through menopause almost 30 years earlier than average

‘I remember running out of work in floods of tears’

Sarah realised how little support and education women receive about menopause when she began experiencing it herself aged 43. As she struggled to manage her symptoms – all while working for a very male industry – she decided to do something about it

Professor Dame Lesley Regan appointed new Chair

Wellbeing of Women is excited to welcome Professor Regan, who has unrivalled knowledge and experience of women’s health issues

Womb cancer: 'Cases have gone up by 50% in the last 20 years'

Wellbeing of Women researcher, Dr Sarah Kitson, tells us what women need to know about womb cancer

Vaginal cancer: Val’s story

Val Curtis visited a GP in 2018 after experiencing vaginal bleeding outside menopause, and received a devastating diagnosis

Vulval cancer: ‘Awareness is very important’

Academic clinical lecturer at the University of Manchester and former Wellbeing of Women researcher, Dr Vanitha Sivalingam, tells us about a gynaecological cancer that more women need to know about

Cervical cancer: Aoife's story

Aoife P. Rafter was diagnosed with cervical cancer aged 27, when she was already working hard to manage her cystic fibrosis, a serious health condition that causes persistent lung infections

Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month 2020: #SpotTheFive

September is Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, 30 days dedicated to raising awareness about and raising funds for research into five devastating cancers

The power of a cricket match

Bid on fantastic prizes in our online auction and sign up for our all-star cricket Q&A

Strep B Awareness Month: ‘The impact is unfathomable’

We spoke to Wellbeing of Women researcher, Dr Kate Navaratnam, about working on a busy maternity ward, motherhood and her research into protecting babies from a life-threatening infection

Luce Brett: 'We’ve got to de-stigmatise incontinence for everyone'

We asked author and journalist Luce Brett why she has decided to speak up

Marian Keyes talks feminism, money and the menopause

Journalist Eve Pollard OBE spoke to the bestselling author at Wellbeing of Women's recent webinar

Maternal mental health: 'It's a sign of strength to ask for help'

A perinatal psychiatrist tells us why mental health before and after pregnancy is so important

Learn about mental health before and after pregnancy

Hear from a mental health expert and an inspiring mum at our next virtual event on 16th June

Our vital research needs you

Help us raise funds for life-changing women's health research this spring

Find out how medicine lets women down

At our next webinar, join author Dr Alyson McGregor and journalist Lynn Enright as they discuss women's health in a male-centred world

Endometriosis: Kamini's story

Kamini Naik, 27, suffered with endometriosis for 10 years before she was diagnosed. Here she tells us about her journey and what a new treatment would mean to her

Ovarian cancer: Amy's story

At 36, Amy Van Wyk was diagnosed with a type of ovarian cancer that’s particularly difficult to treat. Here, she explains how a new cure or treatment would completely change her and her husband’s life

‘We call it the silent killer, but I think there is a way to detect it’

Wellbeing of Women researcher Dr David Jeevan is working to develop a new, groundbreaking test for ovarian cancer. We spoke to him about his exciting project and what it could mean for thousands of women

COVID-19: Information for researchers

What you need to know if you're a Wellbeing of Women grant applicant or holder

International Day of the Midwife: 'It’s a real privilege'

Using a Wellbeing of Women scholarship, research midwife Sam Nightingale has developed a video to help women prepare for induced labour. For International Day of the Midwife we spoke to her about her journey to midwifery and what she values most about the role