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World Menopause Month: ‘I remember running out of work in floods of tears’

Sarah realised how little support and education women receive about menopause when she began experiencing it herself aged 43. As she struggled to manage her symptoms – all while working for a very male industry – she decided to do something about it

Woona’s fertility story: ‘You can't help but wonder what could have been’

Woona was 31 when she found out she had a painful health condition that could medically prevent her from conceiving naturally. Five rounds of IVF, one abdominal myomectomy and six laparoscopies later, she is determined to stay positive

World Menopause Month: 'I went through menopause aged 28'

After being diagnosed with cervical cancer aged 27, Aoife's treatment – which included radiotherapy and a radical hysterectomy – meant that she went through menopause almost 30 years earlier than average

Wellbeing of Women City Christmas Fair goes virtual

The online Fair will go live on Monday 9th November

Professor Dame Lesley Regan appointed new Chair

Wellbeing of Women is excited to welcome Professor Regan, who has unrivalled knowledge and experience of women’s health issues

Womb cancer: 'Cases have gone up by by 50% in the last 20 years'

Wellbeing of Women researcher, Dr Sarah Kitson, tells us what women need to know about womb cancer

Vaginal cancer: Val’s story

Val Curtis visited a GP in 2018 after experiencing vaginal bleeding outside menopause, and received a devastating diagnosis

Vulval cancer: ‘Awareness is very important’

Academic clinical lecturer at the University of Manchester and former Wellbeing of Women researcher, Dr Vanitha Sivalingam, tells us about a gynaecological cancer that more women need to know about

Cervical cancer: Aoife's story

Aoife P. Rafter was diagnosed with cervical cancer aged 27, when she was already working hard to manage her cystic fibrosis, a serious health condition that causes persistent lung infections

Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month 2020: #SpotTheFive

September is Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, 30 days dedicated to raising awareness about and raising funds for research into five devastating cancers

The power of a cricket match

Bid on fantastic prizes in our online auction and sign up for our all-star cricket Q&A

Strep B Awareness Month: ‘The impact is unfathomable’

We spoke to Wellbeing of Women researcher, Dr Kate Navaratnam, about working on a busy maternity ward, motherhood and her research into protecting babies from a life-threatening infection

Luce Brett: 'We’ve got to de-stigmatise incontinence for everyone'

On Thursday 16th July, journalist and author Luce Brett will join pelvic floor physiotherapist and comedian Elaine Miller to tackle a final women's health taboo: incontinence. We asked Luce why she chose to speak up and what to expect on the day

Marian Keyes talks feminism, money and the menopause

Journalist Eve Pollard OBE spoke to the bestselling author at Wellbeing of Women's recent webinar

Maternal mental health: 'It's a sign of strength to ask for help'

A perinatal psychiatrist tells us why mental health before and after pregnancy is so important

Learn about mental health before and after pregnancy

Hear from a mental health expert and an inspiring mum at our next virtual event on 16th June

Our vital research needs you

Help us raise funds for life-changing women's health research this spring

Find out how medicine lets women down

At our next webinar, join author Dr Alyson McGregor and journalist Lynn Enright as they discuss women's health in a male-centred world

COVID-19: How will it affect pregnancy and birth?

Your questions about pregnancy, labour and COVID-19 answered by an expert

Endometriosis: Kamini's story

Kamini Naik, 27, suffered with endometriosis for 10 years before she was diagnosed. Here she tells us about her journey and what a new treatment would mean to her

Ovarian cancer: Amy's story

At 36, Amy Van Wyk was diagnosed with a type of ovarian cancer that’s particularly difficult to treat. Here, she explains how a new cure or treatment would completely change her and her husband’s life

‘We call it the silent killer, but I think there is a way to detect it’

Wellbeing of Women researcher Dr David Jeevan is working to develop a new, groundbreaking test for ovarian cancer. We spoke to him about his exciting project and what it could mean for thousands of women

COVID-19: Information for researchers

What you need to know if you're a Wellbeing of Women grant applicant or holder

International Day of the Midwife: 'It’s a real privilege'

Using a Wellbeing of Women scholarship, research midwife Sam Nightingale has developed a video to help women prepare for induced labour. For International Day of the Midwife we spoke to her about her journey to midwifery and what she values most about the role